NIM A Article on the Use of 2.5 GSPS 14-Bit SIS1160/SFMC01 PCIe Digitizer for Prompt Gamma-ray Measurements During Proton Therapy Treatments

The use of a SIS1160 PCI Express carrier with a SFMC01 Digitizer FMC for dead-time free data acquisition during proton therapy treatments is described in the NIM A article under the link below:

A dead-time-free data acquisition system for prompt gamma-ray measurements during proton therapy treatments – ScienceDirect

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SIS1100-e2/eCMC Fujitsu BIOS Freeze (and Change of Size of Mapped Window)


PC with SIS1100-e/eCMC freezes/hangs at power up.

Reported by Marcus Fleck from DESY for a Fujitsu d3598-b13 mainboard initially.


Change the PCI Class ID from:

07h Simple Communications Device


06h Other Bridge device

Software and instructions for the change (and to change the size of the mapped window) can be found here.

Prerequisite: driver version has to be installed

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SIS1100 Driver With Windows 10 HVCI Signature

Some Windows 10 systems (typically new machines) with the most recent Version 2004 of the operating system have HVCI (Hypervisor-protected Code Integrity) activated. The used German expression is ‚Kernisolation’.
Drivers from onwards are furnished with HVCI compliant driver signage.

Older Drivers are not started by Windows and are typically reported with error Code 39 in the device Manager.

The reason for the major version change from 6.4.2.x to 8.0.0.x is the migration from the underlying PLX to the more recent Broadcom code.

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SIS8300/8325/x PROM IDCODE not recognized by Impact

The current Winbond PROM W25Q64JVSSIMT& (which is used on several Struck products) has an ID code that is not supported by the Impact software (yet?).
You have to set the following environment variable on the PC you are using the JTAG programmer on:


Please refer to:

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SIS3153 USB VfyAlloc Error with Windows driver 1.1


“error Usb driver VfyAlloc” upon vme_A16D16_read() with LabWindows CVI  V2015 on Windows 7 machine with driver version 1.1



Upgrade to driver version 1.2

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LLRF Workshop Poster on ESS AXI based Firmware Framework w. SIS8300-KU Digitizer Implementation

A Poster on “The ESS FPGA Framework and its Application on the ESS LLRF System” was presented during the 2017 LLRF Workshop in Barcelona.

The framework was developed in a close cooperation between ESS ERIC, Lund University and Struck Innovative Systeme for the SIS8300-KU digitizer.

The PDF of the poster can be accessed here.


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SIS1100e PEX8311 V2 EEPROM File

Prefetchable base address capability has to be enabled on the PEX8311 PCI Express to local bus bridge chip to perform 64-bit direct master or DMA transfers. This is of relevance on machines from 4 GB of memory on. The corresponding bits can be set through the configuration EEPROM of the PEX8311. Units with serial number 94 and higher are shipped with this configuration. The EEPROM can be regrogrammed with the PLX Technology SDK.

An Archive with the PROM contents, instructions and software can be found here.

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SIS3153 Ethernet SFP reset issue serial numbers16-39

The SIS3153 Ethernet to VME interfaces with serial numbers in the range from 16 to 39 have a some 10% probability reset issue at power up.

Please have trained personel remove resistor R200A to remedy the erroneous pulldown.

USB3.0 operation is not affected.

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Rare I2C communication issue on DWC8300 R11

Rare difficulties with I2C user bus data Transfer upon
setting attenuators or reading I2C devices.

Fix: removal of capacitor C48 (by trained personnel)

Shipments from October 10th 2016 onwards will have C48 removed.


Temporary fix without Hardware modification:

Set DACA output to maximum output (3.3V)


DWC8300 R10 cards are not affected.


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XC18V04 Serial Prom IDCODE not recognized by Impact

SIS3100, SIS3300, SIS3301 SIS3820 and several other Struck boards use the Xilinx XC18V04 Serial PROM to hold the firmware that is uploaded to the FPGA at power up.

Depending on the Impact version and the Silicon of the XC18V04  you may get an error message indicating, that the IDCODE of your PROM does not meet the expectance.

INFO:iMPACT:583 – ‘2’: The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode   in the bsdl File.
INFO:iMPACT:1578 – ‘2’:  Device IDCODE :        00000101000000100110000010010011
INFO:iMPACT:1579 – ‘2’: Expected IDCODE:    00000101000000110110000010010011

You will want to locate and modify the xc18v04.bsd file:

..\ISE_DS\ISE\xc18v00\data\ xc18v04.bsd


attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of XC18V04: entity is

“XXXX” &                — version

“0101000000110110” &    — part number

“00001001001” &         — manufacturer’s id

“1”;                    — required by standard


attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of XC18V04: entity is

“XXXX” &                — version

“01010000001X0110” &    — part number

“00001001001” &         — manufacturer’s id

“1”;                    — required by standard

You may want to refer to the URLs below also:

Xilinx Forum 1

Xilinx Forum 2

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