SFMC-AD-2500-14-2 Dual Channel 2.5 GSPS 14-bit Digitizer FMC

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The SFMC-AD-2500-14-2 is our first FMC for the SIS1160/SIS8160 PCI Express and MTCA carriers.

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SFMC01 photograph


  • Single width, 10mm stacking height, air cooled commercial grade HPC FMC Module
  • Analog front-end factory configurable for DC- or AC input coupling
  • Dual channel 14-Bit, 2.5 GSPS with JESD204B Interface
  • 50 Ohm Input Termination
  • 4 Front panel SMA Inputs for Analog A/B, Clock and Trigger
  • Ultra low phase noise 100 MHz on board clock source
  • High performance jitter attenuating frequency generator for JESD204B
  • one green Front panel user LED
  • System management EEPROM and Temperature Sensor with Thermal Watchdog
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    SFMC-AD-2500-14-2 Block Diagram

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