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LLRF Workshop Poster on ESS AXI based Firmware Framework w. SIS8300-KU Digitizer Implementation

A Poster on “The ESS FPGA Framework and its Application on the ESS LLRF System” was presented during the 2017 LLRF Workshop in Barcelona. The framework was developed in a close cooperation between ESS ERIC, Lund University and Struck Innovative … Continue reading

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IHEP Beijing reports stable ADS LINAC 1 operation with MTCA.4 based LLRF

IHEP Beijing reports stable operation of the ADS injector 1 at 10.7 mA beam current. The Proton LINAC is the first large scale accelerator in China based on a MTCA.4 LLRF system. Struck furnished SIS8300-L and L2 digitizer AMCs with … Continue reading

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DESY DWC8300 – SIS8300-L2 results summary

The combination of the 10 channel DWC8300 (DESY nomenclature DRTM-DWC10) downconverter Rear Transition Module (RTM) and the 10 channel 125 MSPS SIS8300-L2 MTCA.4 digitizer will be used in the European XFEL for Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) controls. A spectral … Continue reading

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SIS8300-L/DWC8VM1 combination as single cavity LLRF solution

The combination of the SIS8300-L digitizer AMC and the DWC8VM1 Rear Transition Module (RTM) can be used as single cavity Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) controls solution for cavities with frequencies ranging from 700 MHz to 4 GHz. A first … Continue reading

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