SIS1160 8 lane Gen3 PCI Express Carrier for Digitizer FMCs

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The SIS1160 is a Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA based high performance high pin count (HPC) FMC Carrier with SFP+ cage.

While the SIS1160 card is mainly targeted at the use with Struck digitizer FMCs, we are open for your system integration and/or custom project as well.

Sub Nanosecond timing synchronization is available with the White Rabbit (WR) option. Information on White Rabbit can be found on the CERN OHWR White Rabbit page

Note: The front panel design was taken from the CERN OHWR SPEC carrier.

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SIS1160 photograph


  • 8 lane Gen3 PCIe card
  • XCKU040-1FFVA1156C Kintex Ultrascale
  • HPC FMC Connector
  • SFP+ Cage
  • 4 x 4 Gbit (256 M x 16) DDR4 Memory
  • Dual 256 MBit SPI Boot Proms
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Unique 64-bit Identifier
  • White Rabbit (WR) Option
  • Programmable Red and Green FP LED
  • Standalone 12V Operation
  • FMC (HPC) Connector
    Vadj variable 1.2V – 3.3V
    LA00-LA33 (Vadj.)
    HA00-HA13 (Vadj.)
    HB00-HB21 (VIO_B 1.0V-1.8V max.)

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    SIS1160 Block Diagram

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