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Windows (and LabVIEW) Support for SIS8300-x, SIS8325 and SIS8800 MTCA.4 cards

A signed Windows driver with the following functions is available: open, close, single word read, single word write, DMA read, DMA write. So far it is tested under Windows 7. Mininmalistic LabVIEW VIs are available for that function set too. … Continue reading

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SIS8300-L/DWC8VM1 combination as single cavity LLRF solution

The combination of the SIS8300-L digitizer AMC and the DWC8VM1 Rear Transition Module (RTM) can be used as single cavity Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) controls solution for cavities with frequencies ranging from 700 MHz to 4 GHz. A first … Continue reading

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SIS8300 V2 and SIS8300 L MMC/IPMI hex files online

The current MMC code for the SIS8300 V2 and SIS8300-L MTCA.4 digitizers is available on the SIS8300 firmware page now. www.struck.de/sis8300firm.html

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