Announcing the SIS3153 USB3.0 to VME Interface

The SIS3153 will be the Superspeed USB follow up to our SIS3150 USB2.0 to VME interface. Information can be found under

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4 Responses to Announcing the SIS3153 USB3.0 to VME Interface

  1. Dr. Markus Petertill says:

    What is the speed difference of polling transactions between USB2.0 to USB3.0?
    A manual told me it is 3.5kHz for USB2.0 (VME Interface Manual from WIENER).

  2. exaos says:

    Could you provide instructions on how to use SIS3153 under Linux? Which library and driver should I care about? What is the speed difference between SIS3100/SIS1100 and SIS3153?

    • mki says:

      Hello Exaos,
      we do furnish a USB3.0 LINUX driver for the SIS3153.
      With the SIS1100/3100 you reach up to 80 MByte/s in block transfer, with the SIS1100e/3104 160 MByte/s and with the SIS3153 under USB3.0 around 160 MByte/s (and 100 MByte/s with GBit/s Ethernet SFP).
      Best regards

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