OpenSource Article on SIS1160/SFMC 2.5 GSPS 14-Bit High Count Rate Data Aquisition

Under the Link below you can access a repository, that contains raw experimental data acquired during a gELBE beam time in October 2023.

In this setup, a bremsstrahlung beam of up to 12.5 MeV energy in 13 MHz pulses irradiates a CeBr3 scintillation detector (by Hilger®) of Ø 1” x 1”, coupled to a Hamamatsu® R13408-100 PMT, custom voltage divider and shaping electronics, and a commercial digitizer (SFMC01+SIS1160) by Struck®, containing an AD9689 chip that supports a data sampling rate of 2.5 Gsps and 14-bits. 

High-count rate photon detection with scintillators coupled to photomultiplier tubes and fast digitizers | RODARE (

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