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SIS3153 USB VfyAlloc Error with Windows driver 1.1

Issue: “error Usb driver VfyAlloc” upon vme_A16D16_read() with LabWindows CVI  V2015 on Windows 7 machine with driver version 1.1   Fix: Upgrade to driver version 1.2 www.struck.de/sis3153w_1.2.zip

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New SIS3820 APG Arbitrary Pattern Gernerator w. I/O firmware

The new firmware is targeted at the Inline and LVDS on LEMO 00.302 style connector hardware options. It features a 12 bit pattern generator (4 control and 8 frontend outputs) with external wait and wrap functionality. 12 input (4 control … Continue reading

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Announcing the SIS3153 USB3.0 to VME Interface

The SIS3153 will be the Superspeed USB follow up to our SIS3150 USB2.0 to VME interface. Information can be found under www.struck.de/sis3153.html.

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DESY/EMBL/University Paderborn will use a SIS3302 digitizer system to read out 100 Pixel Canberra Germanium detector

A Canberra 100 pixel Germanium detector will be installed at a Petra III undulator beamline for X-ray absorption spectroscopy. It will be read out by a VME system consisting of a SIS1100e/3104 PCI Express to VME interface, 100 MS/s 16-bit SIS3302 … Continue reading

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