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OpenSource Article on SIS1160/SFMC 2.5 GSPS 14-Bit High Count Rate Data Aquisition

Under the Link below you can access a repository, that contains raw experimental data acquired during a gELBE beam time in October 2023. In this setup, a bremsstrahlung beam of up to 12.5 MeV energy in 13 MHz pulses irradiates … Continue reading

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NIM A Article on the Use of 2.5 GSPS 14-Bit SIS1160/SFMC01 PCIe Digitizer for Prompt Gamma-ray Measurements During Proton Therapy Treatments

The use of a SIS1160 PCI Express carrier with a SFMC01 Digitizer FMC for dead-time free data acquisition during proton therapy treatments is described in the NIM A article under the link below: A dead-time-free data acquisition system for prompt … Continue reading

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