n/Gamma separation and TOF histogramming with SIS3316

Custom firmware was developed for the 16 channel SIS3316 250 MSPS 14-bit digitizer for a n/Gamma separation with firmware TOF (time of flight) histogramming capability. The user can configure the gates to be histogrammed. Both readout over VME and Ethernet SFP (e.g. for the SIS3316 Desktop System) are supported.

The implemented FPGA firmware of the has the following features:

  • Double Bank / Multi event operation
  • 16 channel asynchronous (internal trigger generation) and synchronous (external trigger, global trigger) operation
  • Internal Trigger generation for each channel (FIR filter with CFD feature, baseline independent)
  • 3 Accumulators/Integrals (1 x 24-bit, 2 x 28-bit) for each channel
  • Peak height finder
  • Baseline determination
  • 32-bit Timestamp
  • Flexible Hit/Event storage (additional raw data, FIR Trigger trapezoidal MAW values)


  • Internal TOF (time of flight) 1D-Histograms (up to 1M Histogram, two histograms per channel)
  • Internal Shape 2-D Histograms¬† (up to 512 x 512 Histogram, two histograms per channel)
  • Internal Peak-Height/Charge 1-D Histograms¬† (up to 1K (64K) Histogram, two histograms per channel)
  • Beam On/Off separation feature


In the screenshot below you can see the n/Gamma separation for particles from a Cf-252 source (with uniform TOF distribution in that case of course).


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3 Responses to n/Gamma separation and TOF histogramming with SIS3316

  1. volker dangendorf says:

    looks very interesting. what is the TOF resolution. Any paper of further written information on this

  2. James says:

    I would like to learn more about this firmware. Can I get a copy?

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