SIS3820 Firmware with new LNE/CIP Features

Thanks to Mark Rivers from the University of Chicago for proposing  the incorporation of LNE/CIP delay, stretcher and invert functionality into the SIS3820 Multi Purpose Scaler firmware to facilitate the use of the LNE/CIP output to interface to external hardware. The implementation is available from firmware 0x0111 onwards.  We’d like to thank Mark for the integration into the SIS3820 EPICS GUI and for testing the new functionality. A screenshot of the GUI is shown below.


SIS3820 EPICS GUI (Courtesy Mark Rivers, APS)

The firmware can be downloaded from

In operation mode 0 you have the effect on the LNE signal as illustrated below.

SIS3820 LNE Stretcher

SIS3820 LNE Stretcher

In operation mode 2 you have the effect on the CIP signal as illustrated below.

SIS3820 CIP Stretcher

SIS3820 CIP Stretcher

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