Multiple SIS3316 Digitizer Readout Performance over 10G Ethernet Switch

GBit/s Ethernet readout of a 16 channel SIS3316 125/250 MSPS digitizer yields a block transfer throughput in excess of 80 MByte/s. Parallel readout of multiple SIS3316s over a 10 GBit/s (10G) switch into a computer with 10G Ethernet card is a method to build data acquisition setups with several 100 MByte/s of sustained throughput.

Note: both optical and copper SFP transceivers are supported on the SIS3316

The PDF below describes the performance of a 5 SIS3316 readout speed demonstration  setup with a Zyxel 10G Ethernet switch and a readout PC with 10G Ethernet card. Data rates in excess of 400 MByte/s are demonstrated.


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