DESY DWC8300 – SIS8300-L2 results summary

The combination of the 10 channel DWC8300 (DESY nomenclature DRTM-DWC10) downconverter Rear Transition Module (RTM) and the 10 channel 125 MSPS SIS8300-L2 MTCA.4 digitizer will be used in the European XFEL for Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) controls.

A spectral purity of  smaller than -112 dBFS, a cumulative time jitter within the frequency range of [100Hz, 1MHz] below 6.7fs and a cumulative amplitude stability of better than 5.5E-6 is demonstrated. Please refer to the DESY report below for details.

SIS8300-L2/DWC8300 performance report

The DC8300 is build under license of DESY.


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