New SIS3316 firmware online

New SIS3316 firmware online under . Featuring fully licensed Ethernet core and external bank switch.

release related to Firmware Versions

– VME FPGA: V3316-2003 (0x33162003)

– ADC FPGAs: V0250-0003 (0x02500003)

Bug fixes:

– UDP read of ADC FPGA Status registers (0x1100 – 0x113C)

Added features:

– “FP-Bus Bank Swap Control” Logic

– “Sample Bank Swap Control with NIM Input TI/UI” Logic


– extended LEMO Out “CO”, “TO” and “UO” Select registers with new sources

– extended Acquisition Control register

– added new Key address: EnableSample Bank Swap Control with NIM Input TI/UI logic

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