SIS3316 16 Channel VME Digitizer Family

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The SIS3316 digitizer family comprises two cards

SIS3316-125-16 16 channel 125 MSPS 16-bit

SIS3316-250-14 16 channel 250 MSPS 14-bit

Currently we are suffering from the uncertainty in the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA supply situation. We are out of SIS3316 boards and can not start a new production run. An Artix-7 based SIS3316-2 redesign is under way. We do not have a firm date for the availability of first cards yet.

PDF of SIS3316 presentation

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SIS3316 photograph


  • Single width 6U VME card
  • 16 channels
  • 125/250 MS/s per channel
  • 16-bit/14-bit resolution
  • 64 MSamples memory/channel
  • Two programmable input ranges
  • 50 Ω or high impedance programmable
  • Offset DACs
  • 62.5/125 MHz analog bandwidth
  • Internal/External clock
  • Multi event mode
  • Readout in parallel to acquisition
  • Pre/Post trigger capability
  • Trigger OR output (16 individual thresholds)
  • SFP cage (Gigabit Ethernet or Multi-Gigabit optical link connection)
  • A32/D32/BLT32/MBLT64/2eVME
  • 1-wire Id. serial PROM
  • In field JTAG and JTAG over VME firmware upgrade capability
  • VXS implementation on request

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    Link to SIS3316 presentation in DAQ Blog

    PDF of SIS3316 presentation vertical bar

    Block Diagram

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    With the SIS3316 you have the option to use an Ethernet SFP or an optical SFP medium to implement non VME readout.

    Illustration of Ethernet and Otical SFP readout setups

    SIS3316 Ethernet readout SIS3316 Optical readout

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