SIS3153 USB3.0 and Ethernet to VME interface

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The SIS3153 is the successor to our SIS3150 USB2.0 to VME interface.


  • Superspeed USB performance without the need for a PCI add on card
  • No system shutdown/reboot time
  • Ethernet to VME Interface with GBit/s Copper SFP Medium
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    SIS3153 Picture

    SIS3153 Picture


  • Single width 6U VME master/system controller
  • USB3.0/Superspeed USB functionality
  • USB2.0 and USB1.1 compatibility
  • 2 inputs/2outputs 00 LEMO, NIM/TTL level programmable
  • SFP cage for optical or Ethernet link
  • all relevant VME addressing modes up to SST
  • In field JTAG firmware upgrade capability
  • Performant single read/write list array execution
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    SIS3153 Base


    The screenshot below shows the SIS3153 base panel for a Ethernet connection to the SIS3153 (with serial number 24) under Windows 10.

    SIS3153 Base Panel Ethernet Screenshot


    The screenshot below shows operation of the same unit over USB on a Windows 7 machine with the read access pulldown active. SIS3153 Base Panel USB Screenshot vertical bar