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Using autosensing SIS3104 with older LINUX drivers

Autosensing SIS3104’s (firmware 0x03020202) are recognized from driver 2.13-7 onwards. To continue working with older drivers with an up to date SIS3104 you will have to modify sis3100rem_init.c by adding the corresponding case to the switch (sc_remote_ident&0x00ffff00) as shown below. … Continue reading

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SIS1100 LINUX driver 2.13-5 for Ubuntu 11.10 Kernel 3.0.0-12

Thanks to Bastian Löher from GSI Darmstadt for following input: The  Version 2.13-5 driver for the sis1100 can be compiled for kernel 3.0.0-12 (Ubuntu 11.10) by altering line 31 of the  Makefile: -ifneq (,$(findstring 2.6.,$(KERNVER))) +ifneq (,$(findstring 3.0.,$(KERNVER))) A driver release … Continue reading

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