16 Channel 125/250 MSPS SIS3316 VME Digitizer Presentation

While firmware development for the SIS3316 is ongoing, first detector signals have been acquired with the 250 MSPS 14-bit version of the module.

The PDF presentation under the link below highlights the design and the functionality of the card and addresses firmware development directions in connection with a first 5 card user setup.

SIS3316 PDF presentation (updated on March 20th of 2014)

SIS3316 web page

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2 Responses to 16 Channel 125/250 MSPS SIS3316 VME Digitizer Presentation

  1. I want to buy the sis8300

    • mki says:

      Dear Deng,
      thank you very much for your Response.
      Please get in touch with our Chinese representative Beijing DAQ Technology under daqbeijing@vip.163.com.
      Are you interested in the Virtex 5 based SIS8300 V2 or rather the Virtex 6 based SIS8300-L.
      Best regards

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