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SIS3153 Ethernet SFP reset issue serial numbers16-39

The SIS3153 Ethernet to VME interfaces with serial numbers in the range from 16 to 39 have a some 10% probability reset issue at power up. Please have trained personel remove resistor R200A to remedy the erroneous pulldown. USB3.0 operation … Continue reading

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Rare I2C communication issue on DWC8300 R11

Rare difficulties with I2C user bus data Transfer upon setting attenuators or reading I2C devices. Fix: removal of capacitor C48 (by trained personnel) Shipments from October 10th 2016 onwards will have C48 removed.   Temporary fix without Hardware modification: Set DACA … Continue reading

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XC18V04 Serial Prom IDCODE not recognized by Impact

SIS3100, SIS3300, SIS3301 SIS3820 and several other Struck boards use the Xilinx XC18V04 Serial PROM to hold the firmware that is uploaded to the FPGA at power up. Depending on the Impact version and the Silicon of the XC18V04  you may get … Continue reading

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SIS8300-L2 Firmware with PME_turn_off Workaround

The (non AXI) PCI Express endpoint of the Virtex 6 can be rendered inaccessible after a PME_turn_off command (from a CPU reboot). A core reset was added to the pcie_interface.vhd as a workaround in that situation with minor firmware revision … Continue reading

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TAMU SHE SIS3316 Si/YAP Readout Using HE and Trigger Mask Functionality

Super Heavy Element (SHE) production imposes stringent requirements on trigger generation. TAMU uses a set of four 16 channel 250 MSPS 14-bit SIS3316 digitizers to read out a setup consisting of YAP and Silicon detectors. An advanced triggering scheme utilizing the more recent … Continue reading

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SIS8300-L2 Windows Labview Support

Fini Jastrow of DESY has developed a SIS8300-L2 VI, which is based on Struck’s single read, single write, DMA read and DMA write Windows Driver calls. It is available to interested parties under the Lesser Gnu Public License (LGPL). Screenshots … Continue reading

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Multiple SIS3316 Digitizer Readout Performance over 10G Ethernet Switch

GBit/s Ethernet readout of a 16 channel SIS3316 125/250 MSPS digitizer yields a block transfer throughput in excess of 80 MByte/s. Parallel readout of multiple SIS3316s over a 10 GBit/s (10G) switch into a computer with 10G Ethernet card is … Continue reading

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Windows (and LabVIEW) Support for SIS8300-x, SIS8325 and SIS8800 MTCA.4 cards

A signed Windows driver with the following functions is available: open, close, single word read, single word write, DMA read, DMA write. So far it is tested under Windows 7. Mininmalistic LabVIEW VIs are available for that function set too. … Continue reading

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Helmholtz Association gives Green light for industrial alliance “MicroTCA.4 Tech Lab”

Helmholtz Association promotes development of high-speed electronics Standard. Struck Innovative Systeme is proud to be one of the Partners of the  MicroTCA.4 Tech Lab and is looking  forward to enable new applications and technologies on the base of the MTCA.4 Standard. … Continue reading

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How to make the arp command resistant to reboot on OS X.

For SIS3316 Ethernet operation you may want your OS X system to execute an arp command at startup. Thanks to Bela Farago from ILL for pointing us to the link below: Needs a launchd daemon, which waits until the … Continue reading

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