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Rare I2C communication issue on DWC8300 R11

Rare difficulties with I2C user bus data Transfer upon setting attenuators or reading I2C devices. Fix: removal of capacitor C48 (by trained personnel) Shipments from October 10th 2016 onwards will have C48 removed.   Temporary fix without Hardware modification: Set DACA … Continue reading

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Helmholtz Association gives Green light for industrial alliance “MicroTCA.4 Tech Lab”

Helmholtz Association promotes development of high-speed electronics Standard. Struck Innovative Systeme is proud to be one of the Partners of the  MicroTCA.4 Tech Lab and is looking  forward to enable new applications and technologies on the base of the MTCA.4 Standard. … Continue reading

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PDF documentation page online

PDFs of our manuals can be downloaded by registered users now at Send an email to our info account to get your account.

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Struck Data Acquisition (DAQ) Blog

Struck starts Data Acquisition (DAQ) Blog Continue reading

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