SIS3104-2 VME sequencer

PCI Express to VME interface

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The SIS3104-2 is the Artix-7 based successor to the SIS3104 board. It is backward compatible to the SIS3100/SIS3104 standard models and can be used as a drop in replacement. With two Gigabit/s link firmware transfer rates in excess of 160 MByte/s are possible im combination with the SIS1100-e2 single lane PCI Express card.

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SIS3104-2 picture


  • Single width 6U VME master/system controller
  • XC7A15T-2FGG484C Artix-7 FPGA
  • 1/2/4 GBit/s optical link
  • 2 inputs/2outputs 00 LEMO, NIM/TTL level programmable
  • all relevant VME addressing modes up to SST
  • In field JTAG firmware upgrade capability
  • PCI Express to VME interface in combination with SIS1100-e2
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