VME Digitizer Overview Page

Struck Innovative Systeme offers a variety of VME digitizers/flash ADCs (FADCs). The VME interface and on board data handling are implemented in Xilinx FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays). This gives us the possibility to implement flexible pulse processing and/or readout schemes.

Do not hesitate to inquire about custom implementations.

VME Digitizer Overview Table
Module MSamples/s Channels resolution Memory
SIS3320-250 250 8 12-bit 32 MSample/Channel
SIS3316-250-14 250 16 14-bit 32 MSample/Channel
SIS3316-125-16 125 16 16-bit 32 MSample/Channel
SIS3302 100 8 16-bit 32 MSample/Channel
SIS3302-4 100 4 16-bit 32 MSample/Channel
VME Digitizers