SIS1100(e/e2)/310x Windows driver API manual page

The SIS1100(e/e2)/SIS310x PCI/PCIe to VME interface is a joined development of the ZEL department of the research center Juelich and Struck Innovative Systeme. The Windows driver/API (and the LINUX driver) is part of SIS1100(e/e2)/310x shipments.

The SIS1100(e/e2)/310x NT/Win2K/Windows XP/Win7/Win10 driver uses the PLX API libraries

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  • SIS1100(e)/310x Windows driver/API (DVD mailed on request)
  • SIS1100/3100 Labview interface manual
  • SIS1100/3100 KMAX driver manual
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    An executable program with graphical user interface (SIS310x Base GUI) on the base of National Instruments CVI is provided with the SIS1100(e/e2)/310x to execute VME cycles or to control both the SIS1100(e/e2) and SIS310x cards without the need to program. Read and Write cycles are controlled via the Global Write and Global Read Access Mode pulldowns separately.

    SIS3100Base GUI

    SIS3100 win gui

    Access Mode pulldown for Global Write

    access mode pulldown

    Access Mode pulldown for Global Read

    Please note, that 2e VME is supported on read (from the SIS3300 and SIS3301 digitizers e.g.)

    SIS3100 read pulldown

    SIS1100/3100 Labview Interface (example single read)

    single read vi

    SIS1100/3100 KMAX Interface (SIS3300 FADC readout)

    KMAX screen shot