SIS8100 AMC GBit link card/VITA 57 FMC carrier

The SIS8100 is a single width mid height AdancedMC card. It interfaces with a single PCI Express lane over a PLX Technology PEX8311 PCI Express to local bus bridge chip and has an on board Virtex IV FPGA. The default stuffing option has a Small Form Factor (SFF) optical link medium that can be operated at 1, 2.5 and 4 GBit/s. In combination with the SIS3104 VME sequencer the SIS8100 can be used as AMC to VME interface. Other frontend systems -like the FZ Jülich ZEL LVDS readout solution e.g.- can be utilized as well.

The second stuffing option has VITA 57 FMC connector but no SFF link medium. This variant allows to interface to the Virtex IV FPGA of the SIS8100 with single width FMC Mezzanine Modules.

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SIS8100 Photograph

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SIS8100 Block Diagram

SIS8100 block diagramm