SIS3350 Firmware Page

SIS3350 Firmware Revision Table
Design Name Major Revision # Minor Revision # Description MCS File
SIS3350xxxx 01 99 Development version -
SIS3350_250808 01 01 Initial Release obsolete
SIS3350_121108 01 02 MBLT Timing sis3350_v0102.mcs
SIS3350_071211 01 03 Ethernet readout support. VME IACKIN/OUT daisy chain bug fix. sis3350_v0103.mcs
SIS3350_140113 01 04 LVDS trigger in bug fix. sis3350_v0104.mcs
SIS3350 Firmware Revision Table

Note on SIS3350 0x0103 firmware

Ethernet operation requires a 250 MHz quarz on position U206.

JTAG firmware upgrade procedure

The firmware of the SIS3350 can be ugraded with a XILINX JTAG programmer from a Windows PC (XILINX part number HW-USB-II-G-JTAG). Firmware upgrade over VME is supported also.