SIS3150USB Firmware Page

SIS3150USB Firmware Revision Table
Design Name Major Revision # Minor Revision # Description MCS File
SIS31502006 20 06 obsolete
SIS31502007 20 07 obsolete
SIS31502008 20 08 changed LEMO I/O control
SIS31502009 20 09 bug fix IRQ ACK daisy chaining as master sis3150usb_v2009.mcs
SIS3150200A 20 0A VME IRQ as TigerSHARC IRQ source added sis3150usb_v200A.mcs
SIS3150200B 20 0B Read timeout following BERR after n-th (n>1) 512-Byte blocklett fix.
Note: this issue is not seen with increased BERR timeout settings.
current version
use 200D
SIS3150200C 20 0C Functionality like 200B, compiled on alternate platform (due to spurious 200B open issue) use 200D
SIS3150200D 20 0D Functionality like 200B, real fix to spurious 200B open issue sis3150usb_v200D.mcs
SIS3150200E 20 0E 100 ms USB controller power up reset sis3150usb_v200E.mcs
SIS3150USB Firmware Revision Table

JTAG firmware upgrade procedure

The firmware of the SIS3150 can be ugraded with a XILINX JTAG programmer from a Windows PC (XILINX part number HW-USB-II-G-JTAG). Firmware upgrade over VME and USB is supported also. For the latter case you can use the usb_xilinx_jtag program in the Windows VisualC_applications directory of the Struck product DVD.