SIS3150-USB USB2.0 to VME interface

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The SIS3150-USB is a high performance USB to VME interface. Connected to a USB2.0 port it supports block transfer speeds in excess of 30 MByte/s. USB1.1 operation is supported also. With the TigerSHARC DSP option it is perfectly suited for hard realtime applications.

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SIS3150 photo


  • VME master A16/A24/A32/A40 D8/D16/D32/BLT32/MBLT64
  • VME slave A32/D32/BLT32/MBLT64
  • 1 or 2 TS101 TIGERSHARC DSPs (as option)
  • 2 inputs/2outputs
  • 64 MB SDRAM memory (requires DSP option)
  • one available CMC site
  • P2 access to lower CMC site
  • block read speed in excess of 30 MBytes/s
  • 650 ns single cycle access with DSP option
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    Software Support:

  • Windows 2K/XP/Vista Driver
  • LINUX Driver
  • NI Labwindows and Visual C++ Code
  • Labview (Windows) VIs
  • Matlab (NRE Project Cost)
  • KineticaRT
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    SIS3150 Base Program:

    The screen shot below shows the SIS3150 base program which can be installed from the supplied distribution kit under Windows. The SIS3150 base GUI allows you to execute VME cycles without havin to write user code right away.

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    Performance (on USB2.0 port)

    Measured on a 3.2 GHz Siemens/Fujitsu Scenic P IV under Windows XP Professional

    DOS shell with speed data

    Please note, that single cycle execution timing of 650 ns can be accomplished with the first optional TigerSHARC DSP.

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