SIS3104 firmware list

SIS3104 Sequencer Firmware Revision Table
Design Name Major Revision # Minor Revision # Description MCS File
3104_V1_250MHZ_1G 01 01 Initial 1G Release  
3104_V1_250MHZ_2G 01 21 Initial 2G Release  
3104_V2_250MHZ_1G 02 01 SIS3100 compatibility changes 3104_V2_250MHZ_1G.mcs
3104_V2_250MHZ_2G 02 21 SIS3100 compatibility changes 3104_V2_250MHZ_2G.mcs
3104_V3_250MHZ 03 02 1G/2G autosensing, SST fixes 3104_V3_250MHZ
SIS3104 VME Sequencer

JTAG firmware upgrade procedure

The firmware of the SIS3104 can be upgraded with a XILINX JTAG programmer from a Windows PC (XILINX part number HW-USB-II-G-JTAG).