SIS1100-eCMC PCI express CMC carrier/optical link board

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The SIS1100-eCMC is the latest addition to our SIS1100 CMC carrier family. It is a single lane PCI express CMC carrier to be used with CMCs like the FZ Jülich ZEL Scaler CMC. As an alternative it can be stuffed with one or four small form factor (SFF) 1/2/4 G link media to interface to up to 4 SIS3350 digitizer cards or SIS3104 VME sequencers (Note: a 4 link firmware implementation is not available yet).

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SIS1100-eCMC photograhp


  • single lane PCIe card
  • PLXtech PEX8311 PCIe to local bus bridge
  • Xilinx Virtex 4 FPGA
  • single CMC site
  • up to 4 x SFF 1/2/4 GBit/s optical link option
  • In field JTAG andPCIe firmware upgrade capability
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