DWC8VM1 MTCA.4 Downconverter/Vector Modulator RTM

The DWC8VM1 is an eight channel downconverter/one channel vector modulator MTCA.4 RTM that was developed at DESY and is build by Struck under license of DESY.

The frequency range of the DWC8VM1 standard unit is complemented on the lower side by the DWC8VM1LF and on the higher end by the DWC8VM1HF (see parameter table below).

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DWCVM1 photograph

Central Design Parameters

  • MTCA.4 (µTCA for Physics) RTM Implementation
  • Class A1.1 compatible
  • 8 channels downconverter
  • One channel vector modulator
  • 8 Channel FBM multi coax. connector (CH1 to CH8)
  • SMA vector modulator output
  • 350 MHz - 500 MHz (DWC8VM1LF)
  • 500 MHz - 3500 MHz (DWC8VM1)
  • 3500 MHz - 6000 MHz (DWC8VM1HF)
  • Various intermediate frequencies
  • Switchable front end attenuators
  • LO clock from front panel or RF backplane
  • LO power level monitor
  • I2C support
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    under license from DESY