DWC8VM1 MTCA.4 Downconverter/Vector Modulator RTM

The DWC8VM1 is an eight channel downconverter/one channel vector modulator MTCA.4 RTM that was developed at DESY and is build by Struck under license of DESY.

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DWCVM1 photograph

Central Design Parameters

  • MTCA.4 (µTCA for Physics) RTM Implementation
  • Class A1.1 compatible
  • 8 channels downconverter
  • One channel vector modulator
  • 8 Channel FBM multi coax. connector (CH1 to CH8)
  • SMA vector modulator output
  • 700 MHz - 4 GHz
  • Various intermediate frequencies
  • Switchable front end attenuators
  • LO clock from front panel or RF backplane
  • LO power level monitor
  • I2C support
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    under license from DESY