SIS3150/9300 USB2.0 digitizer

The SIS3150/9300 4 channel digitizer is a combination of the SIS3150 dual CMC carrier with the SIS9300 ADC CMC. The card was designed with the acquisition of short signals that require signal processing in mind. Internal triggering on the base of a simple leading edge mechanism or a constant fraction like FIR filter is available in the FPGA of the SIS9300. Extracted parameters or waveforms can be stored in the on board memory of the SIS3150.

Photograph of SIS3150/9300 in a 19" rackmount enclosure

SIS3150 photo


red ballUSB2.0/1.1 compliant

red ball4 channels of 100 MHz 14-bit ADC

red balloffset DAC

red ballinternal/external clock

red ballinternal/external trigger

red ballone trigger LED per channel

red ballvariable gain amplifier (VGA) option

red ball16 K Samples of FPGA block memory

red ballTigerSHARC DSP for data processing (2nd TigerSHARC as option)

red ball2 digital out-/2 digital front panel inputs

red ball64 MB SDRAM memory

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