First SIS8300 Digitizers stuffed

SIS8300 photograph vertical bar

SIS3305 Digitizers shipping

Both the 400 MHz analog bandwidth limit LEMO and the 2 GHz analog bandwidth SMA input stage versions are shipping. vertical bar

Acquitek and Struck sign distribution agreement for France

Acquitek Logo

Struck Innovative Systeme is pleased to welcome Acquitek as new partner for the French market. We are looking forward to working with Acquitek to better serve our French customers.

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SIS3305 preseries boards stuffed

SIS3305 photograph vertical bar

SIS8300 µTCA for Physics Digitzer

10 Channel 125 MS/s 16-bit With Fast Feedback DACs

New Development in co-operation with DESY under ZIM Förderkennzeichen 2460101MS9

The SIS8300 will be a µTCA for Physics digitizer card. High speed readout will be implemented via a Virtex V FPGA based four lane PCI Express lane implementation.

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Block Diagram of SIS8300 With Downconverter Rear Transition Module

SIS8300 block diagramm with RTM vertical bar

SIS3305 5 GS/s Digitizer Preseries in Production

SIS3305 16-channel system photograph

A 16 channel 1.25 GS/s acquisition system based on the SIS3305 and USB is shown above

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SIS8100 AMC GLink cards stuffed

SIS8100 photograph vertical bar

Struck Innovative Systeme launches new web site

After running a minimalistic approach for many years we have decided to go to a CSS based design. The underlying linked pages are mainly in their old format and will be gradually upgraded.

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SIS3104 VME sequencer cards stuffed

SIS3104 photograph vertical bar

SIS1100-eCMC PCI express cards stuffed and running with SIS1100-OPT/SIS3100 under Windows 2k/XP (i.e. PCI Express to VME Interface operation)

SIS3302 photograph

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SIS1100-eCMC PCI express card in PCB production

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Struck Innovative Systeme receives ISO9001:2000 zertificate from Germanischer Lloyd Certification (GLC)

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First SIS3350 4 channel 12-bit 500 MHz Digitizers stuffed

SIS3302 photograph

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Struck Innovative Systeme proposed for issue of ISO9001:2000 zertificate

Initial external audit of quality management system completed successfully

Issuance of Germanischer Lloyd zertificate expected by mid of June 2007

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First SIS3302 8 channel 16-bit 100 MHz Digitizers stuffed

SIS3302 photograph vertical bar

First batch of SIS3320 8 channel 200 MHz Digitizers shipped

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First SIS3320 8 channel 200 MHz Digitizers stuffed

SIS3320 photograph vertical bar

SIS3150USB USB2.0 to VME interface shipping

photograph of SIS3150USB vertical bar

SIS3150 Dual TIGERSHARC twin VME CMC carrier shipping

photograph of SIS3150 vertical bar

SIS3820 VME multi purpose scalers shipping

Firmware version 01 01 of the SIS3820-SCALER shipping

SIS3820 photograph vertical bar

SIS3301 8 Channel 100 MHz 14-bit ADC shipping

The 14-bit version of the SIS3301 is available in limited volume.

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SIS3300 8 Channel 100 MHz 12-bit ADC

Trapezoidal FIR filter for triggering (major firmware revision 0x11)

A trapezoidal filter was implemented for DC/offset independent trigger generation on the SIS3300 ADC/digitizer. The screen shot below shows the input on ADC channel 1 and the corresponding FIR filtered data (which can be stored to ADC memory with in test mode also).

FIR trigger exmple screen shoot

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