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Announcing the SIS8900 RTM for the SIS8300 Digitizer

The SIS8900 will be a single ended 50 Ohm impedance analog input RTM for the SIS8300 digitizer. Have a look at www.struck.de/sis8900.html also.

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SIS1350 500 MS/s 12-bit PCI Express Digitizers Shipping

The SIS1350 is our first PCI Express enabled PC add on digitizer card. The card has a sampling speed of 500 MSPS at a resolution of 12-bit. More details can be found under www.struck.de/sis1350.html

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Updated firmware for SIS3305 and SIS3320-250 online

A modification for the SIS3305 relating to pileup behaviour in gate mode is available for the SIS3305 under www.struck.de/sis3305firm.html. A MBLT64 related bug fix for the SIS3320-250 is available under www.struck.de/sis3320firm.htm

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SIS3320 firmware 0x010C for IACK daisy chain bug fix

The IACK issue fix that was covered for the the SIS3320-250 with firmware 0x2004 was retrofitted to the SIS3320 with 0x010C.  Go to www.struck.de/sis3320firm.htm for the MCS file.

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SIS3302 VxWorks EPICS code from SLS/PSI

The Swiss Light Sourrce (SLS) has code to run the SIS3302 16-bit 100 MS/s digitizer under EPICS with VME masters running VxWorks. Modifications to the Board Support Package (BSP) are necessary. According to Timo Kohohnen Windriver agrees that the required … Continue reading

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DESY/EMBL/University Paderborn will use a SIS3302 digitizer system to read out 100 Pixel Canberra Germanium detector

A Canberra 100 pixel Germanium detector will be installed at a Petra III undulator beamline for X-ray absorption spectroscopy. It will be read out by a VME system consisting of a SIS1100e/3104 PCI Express to VME interface, 100 MS/s 16-bit SIS3302 … Continue reading

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SIS3320-250 firmware below 0x2004 exhibits IACK daisy chain issue

Be advised that the 0x2004 firmware should be used for proper IACk daisy chain behaviour. The firmware can be downloaded from www.struck.de/sis3320firm.htm. Serial numbers 29 and above were shipped with generic firmware 0x2004 by default.

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SIS8300 muTCA for Physics Digitizer LINUX driver update available

V0.04 fixing a DMA related issue was released

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