SIS9967 16-channel 50 MS/s 14-bit USB2.0 Digitizer/ADC

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The SIS9967 is a standalone 16 channel 14-bit digitizer card with USB2.0 and optical link readout capabilities. Two 125 MS/s 12-bit DAC channels allow for control of external hardware and/or implementation of fast feedback systems. The card can be used in a desktop enclosure with a 15-19.5V laptop power supply or integrated into a wall mount installation.


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  • Double Euro Form Factor
  • 16 channels
  • 50 MS/s per channel
  • 14-bit
  • USB2.0 or Optical Link Connection
  • 2 125 MS/s 12-bit DACs
  • Internal/external Clock
  • Clock Output
  • 8-bit Digital Input
  • 5-bit Digital Output
  • 8 RS422/485 Serial I/Os
  • Servo Motor Control
  • 15-19.5 V Supply Voltage
  • Xilinx Virtex IV FPGA
  • In field JTAG and VME firmware upgrade capability
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