SIS8900 µTCA for Physics RTM for SIS8300 Digitizer

The SIS8900 is a µTCA for Physics RTM to feed single ended analog signals and clock signals to the SIS8300 digitizer.

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Central Design Parameters

  • µTCA for Physics RTM implementation
  • 10 LEMO 00 connectors
  • 50 Ohm input impedance
  • -1 V,...,+1 V default input range
  • Analog signals can be routed to AC and DC input stage
  • RJ45 jack for RTM clocks
  • RJ45 jack for Digital I/O
  • +5V, 250 mA power option for RJ45 jacks
  • Two metric pin headers for 6 LVDS input/output signals each

  • Photograph

    SIS8900 photograph

    Block Diagram

    SIS8900 block diagram
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