SIS8864 MTCA 64 channel digital I/O board

The SIS8864 is a 64 channel (8 groups of 8 channels on two connectors) digital I/O board for slow control. A digitial pattern generator can be implemented in custom firmware. A Vivado project for your custom firmware designs can be generated and furnished on request.

The board is a monolithic -ready to run- alternative to MTCA FMC carrier boards with digital I/O FMCs.

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SIS8864 photograph

Central Design Parameters

  • MTCA
  • single lane Gen2 PCI Express connectivity
  • 2 x 32 channels/bits on 3M 10250-55H3PC connectors
  • LVTTL with TTL tolerance
  • input/output enable in 8 channel groups
  • one LEMO LVTTL control input with TTL tolerance
  • one LEMO LVTTL control output
  • Gigabit Link Port implementation (AMC Port 0, AMC.2 type E1)
  • 4 MLVDS µTCA Ports (AMC Ports 17-20)-> 8 MLVDS lines
  • XC7A15T-2FGG484C Artix®-7 FPGA
  • DESY MMC1.0 with ATxmega
  • In-field firmware upgrade support
  • Note: DESY MMC1.0 licensed under LV91 vertical bar