SIS8100 firmware list

SIS8100 Firmware Revision Table
Design Name Major Revision # Minor Revision # Description MCS File
SIS8100 GLink 1G 05 02 Initial 1G Release V05020301 1G
SIS8100 GLink 2G 05 22 Initial 2G Release V05220301 2G
SIS8100 Firmare Table

JTAG firmware upgrade procedure

The firmware of the SIS8100 can be upgraded over PCI Express or with a XILINX JTAG programmer from a Windows PC (XILINX part number HW-USB-II-G-JTAG).

SIS8100 MMC Revision Table
Design Name Revision # Description MMC File
SIS8100 MMC 1.4 Byte Swap Fix V1.4 20101001
SIS8100 MMC Table