SIS1350 Single Channel 500 MS/s 12-bit PCI Express ADC/Digitizer

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The SIS1350 is our first PC add on digitizer card. It was developed for high repetition rate acquisition of short analog signals (i.e. up to 128 µs at 500 MSPS) with good resolution

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SIS1350 photograph


  • Single Lane PCI Express PC add on card
  • One channel
  • External TTL and internal trigger
  • 500 MS/s (10 MS/s - 500 MS/s) internal clock
  • 2 x 64 KSamples/channel memory
  • 250 MHz analog bandwidth
  • Offset DAC
  • VGA (variable gain amplifier)
  • Readout in parallel to acquisition
  • Dual bank mode
  • XILINX Spartan 6 FPGA based
  • In field JTAG and PCI EXpress firmware upgrade capability
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